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You are almost done! After working hard in high school, preparing for standardized testing and participating in many extracurricular and community service projects, it is finally time to apply.

But, applying to colleges can seem overwhelming. Depending on your college list, you may need to complete and submit multiple applications for schools, each with differing requirements and unique deadlines. Milestone advisors help demystify the process with their in-depth knowledge and experience. Students and parents work individually with Milestone experts to accurately and effectively complete and submit college applications on time.

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A life saver!! Great tutoring and SAT/ACT prep. They were amazing walking us through the overwhelming college application process!

Sherry Morris Lerner Boca Raton, FL


  • Essay and Resume Support and Editing – Milestone editors help develop essays and resumes. We work with you to creatively present your unique attributes and highlight your accomplishments. Plus, we review to ensure accuracy.
  • Application Support – Our advisors provide knowledge and help guide students through the process for each application, ensuring accurate and thorough completion and submission. This part of the process cannot be underestimated.
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Guidance – Our Financial Aid & Scholarship specialists help maximize potential awards and assist with forms such as CSS, FAFSA. Furthermore, we help identify institutional and outside scholarships opportunities.

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